An Easy-to-Get US Number

Do you need a local phone number in the United States to contact family or grow your business? Regardless of your reason for wanting a US VOIP number, EasyRinger offers the best way to get the number you need.

Keep your handset, choose your region or state, and take advantage of essential features designed to enhance your call experience. It’s that easy with EasyRinger!

Sign up for your EasyRinger account now to get a US number in just a few minutes. The whole process only takes a few clicks.


Your Contacts Can Call a Local Number

You can always make sure your call always comes from the US, regardless of where you are, when you buy a USA phone number buy a USA phone number.

A US virtual number offers you the following benefits, such as:

  • Business Credibility – Instil trust in your target market area with a phone number that’s local to their area.

  • Local Presence Anywhere – Establish a local presence anywhere in the world! Whether you want a vanity number in Florida or a USA virtual phone number in California, you can do it in a few clicks with EasyRinger.

  • Keep Your Handset – Owning a US virtual number could not be less of a hassle. There’s no need to fumble with SIM cards or worry about maintaining more than one cell phone at a time. Keep your original handset and start making local calls immediately.

Achieve a US presence and get your local number with EasyRinger, whether you need it for personal or business purposes.

A Quick Number Choosing Process

Unlocking access to local calls with an EasyRinger USA virtual phone number could not be simpler. Just select the country, choose a region, and pick from a list of numbers matching your search requirements.

Alternatively, you can even get a vanity number to match your business. Obtaining your virtual US mobile number couldn’t be easier.

Do you need multiple numbers? Don’t worry. You can purchase as many as you like from your chosen country or region.

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Share the Number With Your Contacts

After receiving your American phone number online, you can instantly share it with family members, friends, and anyone you want to receive access to your new American real phone number.

Everyone can contact you from the moment they receive your number. They can call you, leave voice messages, or drop you an SMS or MMS from their local number. Easy!

Your new number even connects directly to your personalized handset for a smooth transition.

Affordable US Virtual Phone Numbers

Most virtual numbers come at a premium, but at EasyRinger, we strive to offer you access to the widest selection of valid virtual numbers from across the globe at an affordable virtual phone number price.

It’s never been cheaper to buy a US phone number for SMS and voice calls because plans begin at only $10 per month for your US-based number.

EasyRinger offers a selection of plans with varying features to ensure you only pay for what you actually need – and nothing more.


More Features

EasyRinger provides you with access to several essential features for every plan to help you get the most from your USA virtual phone number

Your virtual phone number from the US is the perfect chance for you to get cheap local calls. Enjoy contact with your clients and loved ones for just a few dollars per month! To learn more about the latest EasyRinger features, get in touch now.

Here are some of the features you can expect from every package:


Voice, SMS, and MMS

Keep in contact your way with full voice, SMS, and MMS messaging. It’s all part of your plan.



Can’t get to the phone in time? Friends and colleagues can simply leave a voice message for you to check later.


Caller ID

Set up a special customized caller ID with EasyRinger, using our Caller ID feature to know who’s calling before you pick up the phone.

voice menu

Interactive Voice Menus

Create an optimal customer experience! Make sure your customers reach the right point of contact with interactive voice menus that direct calls at your choosing. Upload your own personalized MP3s or record your own message prompts.

allow numbers

Block and Allow Numbers

Gain more control over your contacts and calls. Prevent spam callers from causing chaos on your phone line by opting to block or allow specific numbers.


US Virtual Phone Number for SMS

When you buy a USA number online from EasyRinger, receiving calls from your contact list isn’t all you can do. You can also receive SMS messages – just like any other phone number.

Not in the right environment for a voice call? No problem! Just send a quick SMS text as you please. You can still text with EasyRinger numbers.


Voicemail cements your professional impression to the world whenever you cannot pick up the phone. Unlike other virtual number providers, you are not restricted exclusively to a computer-displayed default message.

Virtual voicemail service from EasyRinger allows you to customize your message. Create a custom message for your business’s voicemail and get the professional presence you deserve for a fraction of the price.

voice menu

Interactive Voice Menus

Avoid bottlenecks in your customer service department with interactive voice menus.

With interactive voice menus, every caller is directed to an automated menu that subsequently links to different numbers. It provides streamlined customer service by directing people exactly where they need to be.

You can also customize your interactive voice menu to ensure it reflects what your business is about. Simply record your own message or upload your own personalized MP3s. You get it all with EasyRinger!

USA Virtual Phone Number FAQs

What do you need to do to get a VOIP number in the USA?

A few regulations on virtual numbers make them legal and authorized for you to hold when you pick a reputable company like EasyRinger. That’s why virtual numbers from EasyRinger are perfect for choosing the right point of contact for your business, even if you’re halfway across the world.

Follow these steps to get your USA virtual number on the EasyRinger platform:

  • Step One – Choose the country of your choice. Scroll down to find “United States of America”.
  • Step Two – Refine your search to choose which part of the country you want your number to originate from. If your exact location is not important, feel free to opt for a vanity USA number.
  • Step Three – The EasyRinger system will display several available virtual numbers for you to choose from. Select the one that you feel best suits your needs.
  • Step Four – Provide us with your email address so you can receive the full details of your new virtual telephone number package.

It takes only minutes for you to obtain just one or many different virtual phone numbers in the USA. The EasyRinger system is designed to be quick and easy.

Not everyone wants a landline number. If you prefer a cell phone format to demonstrate that you are always available over the phone, you can also purchase cell phone numbers from the USA on EasyRinger.

Getting your USA virtual phone number for your smartphone follows the same process as applying for any other virtual number through EasyRinger. EasyRinger works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop, so you can enjoy the same great service on mobile.

EasyRinger is mobile-friendly and is the latest evolution of providing virtual numbers to expats and business owners worldwide.

EasyRinger must always adhere to the local laws and regulations of the country it provides virtual phone numbers from. Obtaining a USA virtual phone number could not be simpler or safer. There are no known restrictions on foreigners receiving a virtual number from the United States.

Federal regulations allow you to purchase a virtual phone number, even if you are not a US citizen or hold residency. You will not be asked to provide any of your personal documentation when applying for one of these landlines or cell phone numbers.

Most virtual phone number providers will require you to download software to your computer or an app to your phone. This software is typically of their own making and has few safety or privacy guarantees.

EasyRinger works differently because it is already compatible with your handheld device. There is no need to download any software or follow any complex tutorials.

The advantage of this type of solution is that you have no reason to worry about compatibility issues. EasyRinger is guaranteed to work with your device. Move quickly to activate your virtual number safely and start talking!

You have the option to block or allow the numbers you choose. Spam callers have become a problem even for virtual phone numbers. Large lists of numbers and autodialers are a distraction to millions.

EasyRinger allows you to block or allow any particular number, group of numbers, or type of number. If you only want to use your virtual number as a personal line to close family members or friends, you can by whitelisting and blacklisting numbers.

Whitelisting or blacklisting numbers enables you to take control of your phone. This feature comes with every EasyRinger package.

Customize your voicemail so it fits your business, personality, or the overall nature of your number. You can even use text to change the message you want any callers to hear.

Feel free to enable or disable your voicemail. Got a distraction or a private meeting? Set the voicemail to time out. If you don’t want anyone to leave you a message right now, you can control that too! EasyRinger puts control in your hands!

If you prefer to present a generic message, type in your text and let the computer say it for you. Currently, EasyRinger only offers this feature in English, but we are working on adding more languages in the future.

EasyRinger also gives you the option to upload a personalized MP3 for your greeting.

Purchasing your mobile virtual numbers is hassle-free when you use EasyRinger. After choosing your preferred package, you’ll be prompted to select a payment method.

You can choose from Visa, Mastercard, and other universally accepted credit cards, or PayPal. After confirming your payment, you’ll receive instructions on how to activate your mobile virtual number.

Make sure you check your email spam folder if you don’t receive your confirmation from EasyRinger.

Note that every new user gets a seven-day money-back guarantee on the cost of their first virtual mobile number and any unused call credit.

Just send us a message and tell us you want to take advantage of our seven-day money-back guarantee. Everyone is eligible to receive a full refund unless you’ve already used the number to verify a service such as WhatsApp, Google, or Facebook. Any additional numbers are not eligible for a refund.

EasyRinger is determined to offer virtual numbers from as many countries as possible. The world has never been more connected so a firm grasp of the nature of the globalized business landscape is vital to succeed today.

Regardless of whether you are a medium-sized business or a startup in your country of choice, EasyRinger has the package that will empower you to get a local presence and connect with your local customers and contacts on the ground.

We are constantly adding new countries and regions for virtual phone numbers, so keep checking back for the latest options. Here is a list of just some of the countries EasyRinger currently provides numbers from.

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