Interested in Porting?

EasyRinger can often port your existing number to our service so that you can continue using the same number overseas that you're accustomed to. This is usually popular in two cases:

You are using a phone number provided by a 100% VoIP technology which can be blocked in some countries (China, the Middle East, among others).
You are now almost always permanently overseas and don't have so much use for traditional service in your home country. Porting can take up to two weeks and costs a one time fee of $30. We can port numbers in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Not all numbers can be ported, but most can.

How to port a number to EasyRinger

To port a number over to EasyRinger for use with our service, please prepare the following information:

A filled-out Letter of Agency which tells us which number you want to port and which company is currently servicing the number.
Proof that you own this number. You can provide a scanned copy of your latest bill showing the number along with your name. You can also provide a screenshot of an online invoice as well.
Your account PIN (sometimes the last four digits of your SSN for US customers)
Once you have both of these documents ready, please email them to us at 'support at easyringer dot com' and a member of our support staff will contact you. Our support team will keep you up to date on the progress of your number.

How to port a number out of EasyRinger

Porting a number out of EasyRinger to a new provider is easy. Please first contact the company you want to port to, then contact us. We will then prepare for the port request. We charge $10 to port out of EasyRinger. It can take one to two weeks, but is often faster.