Frequently asked questions

EasyRinger makes it cheap and easy for people in your home country to reach you directly on your mobile phone almost anywhere in the world. When you sign up, you choose a new number in your home country (a new number that will be used exclusively by you). You then give that number to your friends, family,customers, or anyone who may want to call or message you. Calling this number will connect directly to your phone.You pay a low per-minute rate (see our rates for sms and voice), and the person calling just pays their phone operator the usual fee for a local call - often free.

EasyRinger was originally built for expats and people who travel abroad often and for extended periods of time.If you have a phone number in a foreign country, EasyRinger is the perfect solution for staying in touch with your contacts back home.

EasyRinger can also be used by people who aren't traveling. You can purchase additional numbers in your home country that ring to your existing phone service at reasonable prices.

No, you don't. Some customers simply like to purchase additional numbers in their home country to expand their presence. If you'd like a number in a different state or province, you can signup with EasyRinger and then easily assign your new number to your current phone service.

See our virtual number list for a list of countries where we can provide you with a virtual phone number.If your country isn't shown, then please contact us.

You pay a low fixed monthly fee for your EasyRinger number and plan. The price depends on the country (for example $10 for the US). Included in each plan is $2 of calling credit which expires on your monthly anniversary. You can also purchase calling credit that never expires. Please see our order form details.

You pay a low per-minute fee from your pre-paid balance. See below our current rates.There's a standard $0.03 connection charge per call.

We do offer discounts in two cases:

You own more than 25 EasyRinger numbers. The more numbers you own, the greater your discounts.
You have been an EasyRinger subscriber for many months. As your subscription gets older, your discounts increase.Also, we typically do not increase the cost of your number as a reward for being a loyal subscriber.We will only raise the price of your number in cases of prices, regulations, or taxation changing for a particular region).

Our phone number plans start at $10 per month and vary by country and location.

To see our current rates, please visit the Pricing Page and scroll down to the 'Voice Rates' checker.

We accept Paypal and a variety of credit cards.

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on the cost of your first number and any unused calling credit.If our service is not for you, just contact us. Please note that this does not apply to online verification.However, we can still refund you any remaining balance after you have verified an online service.

When you're back in your home country, you can assign your virtual number to a local number so that contacts can continue to use your virtual number to contact you. Or, you can suspend your number for a low monthly rate until you're ready to use it again.

No. EasyRinger works directly with your existing phones, no software involved.

Yes, you can. EasyRinger has a large inventory of numbers around the world to choose from. Feel free to contact us if you don't see your country represented. We may be able to help.

Yes, you can. This is called "porting" your number. We charge a one-time fee of $30 after which your number is priced at the standard rate and plan. Porting can take up to two weeks, though it is usually faster.We charge a flat $10 for porting out. Learn more about porting here.

Numbers outside of the United States and Canada require special documentation. This is a 2011 decision made by members of the virtual number industry to help reduce fraud and is out of our control. We may ask for both a scanned copy of your ID (like your passport or national ID card) and a scanned copy of a paper showing your address, though in many cases, just one is needed. These important documents are never shared with anyone outside of EasyRinger except for securing your phone number.

Yes, we do. If you are away from your phone or have powered off, our service will give your callers the option to leave a voicemail. Voicemails are delivered instantly as mp3 files to the email address you used to sign up.
You have control over your voicemail message and the pickup time. Or, you can turn it off entirely.

Yes. Many of our numbers support SMS and MMS. When you are choosing a new number, you can see whether that number supports SMS or not. You can receive 20 free SMS messages in the USA or Canada per month. For other SMS rates and supported locations, please see our SMS rates below.

In many cases, you can. We've identified sets of numbers that work better than most for OTPs (One-Time Passwords). For many online services, you can receive these codes just like a regular number. But, in some cases, online providers may block virtual numbers. This is because virtual numbers are anonymous numbers - they cannot be associated with a person. Virtual numbers may be able to receive OTPs from some services, but not all. For 100% reliability, you need to enter into a contract with a major carrier which is much more expensive and committing than a virtual number.

To see our current rates, please visit the Pricing Page and scroll down to the 'SMS Rates' checker.

No. Your EasyRinger number is a regular phone number in your home country. To reach you, callers just dial your EasyRinger number and they'll directly reach you wherever you have phone service.

Yes. Just use either the web interface or our app for Android phones and the iPhone which opens up this feature to you. If you can't access the Google Play Store while abroad, you can download the Android app directly. here We encourage you to learn more about our mobile apps on our Blog Post

It may seem odd at first, but it's easy. Just click the 'Make a Call' button and type in the number you want to call (don't forget the country code! No '0's are needed). If you have multiple EasyRinger numbers,it doesn't matter which screen you're on when you click 'Make a Call'. Your EasyRinger number isn't used for this feature. When you place a callback, our service will call you at your current destination number first, then connect you with your party. NOTE: Although, you do need an internet connection to start the call, you don't need it while you're talking; it's still phone-to-phone.

Though our service is usually reliable, sometimes there are problems. Here are some suggestions that you can try before contacting support':'

Check to make sure your destination number is set correctly. Sometimes there are even digits that you should remove when setting your destination (Thailand, for one). For more information, check this handy website

When you or one of your contacts calls your number, listen for any error messages or signals. This will usually give us a clue on how to address your problem.

Sometimes, especially for international calls and numbers outside of the US and Canda, there are longer connect times. Don't hang up after just two rings!

We are a US company based in Washington state, though we operate phone numbers in several different countries.We previously called our service "Call Me in China" because we focused exclusively on placing calls to phones in China and Hong Kong. Later, we expanded our service to the entire world. Our founders are former Microsoft engineers and managers working as expats in China who wanted to stay in closer contact with friends and family back home. So, we built this service and now are sharing it with you.