Make Calls From Your Browser

EasyRinger’s web-based calling feature enables seamless communication with clients, suppliers, friends, and family. Make a call from browser-based technology anywhere with an active internet connection — from a recognizable local phone number that builds trust and helps you develop global relationships. Simple, affordable, and convenient, EasyRinger is the only solution you need for global communication.

All the Features of a Regular Phone Call, but Online

EasyRinger’s web-to-phone-call solution mirrors the capabilities of a regular phone, with the added convenience of web-based communications. Seamlessly engage with the people who matter most to you — anywhere with a browser and an internet connection.

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Make and Receive Browser Calls to Mobile Phones

Say goodbye to the confines of traditional phone calls from handheld devices. Simply log in to your EasyRinger dashboard from your browser and make a call from the internet to any mobile device.

Receive calls online, too. Keep your dashboard open while you work, shop, or browse the web, and EasyRinger will ring from your browser phone when you have an incoming call.

Call International Numbers

When you have global contacts, EasyRinger helps you stay connected. Make international calls through browser-based calling, and stay connected with your network — from clients, suppliers, and colleagues to friends and family. EasyRinger makes international calling easy and convenient with affordable plans to help you keep in touch across the miles.

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No Downloads Required

Simplicity is essential when you’re seeking a global call solution. EasyRinger’s web-based call feature requires no app downloads or extensions, simplifying the user experience.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of international communications — without the hassle of installing additional software. All you need is your EasyRinger dashboard and virtual phone number to call a number using internet technology — your favorite browser.

Quick and Easy Sign-Up Process

Get up and running in minutes with EasyRinger. Sign-up is simple and straightforward, requiring just a few quick steps:

  • Select your country and region.

  • Select your virtual phone number.

  • Enter your email.

  • Read and agree to the terms of service.

  • Click “Done” to complete your sign-up and activate your phone number. Send us an email or interact with our chatbot if you have questions.

EasyRinger’s helpful customer support team is happy to assist you throughout the sign-up and account activation process. Simply

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Why You Should Start Using Web-Based Calling

Boost Productivity

Integrate web browser calling into your daily routine and it will become part of your workflow. Eliminate the need for multiple devices and applications with EasyRinger, and experience enhanced productivity and more efficient communication.


Call from Anywhere There Is a Connection

With EasyRinger, you can travel the globe and still have access to your virtual phone number. Make a browser phone call from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection, and never miss an opportunity to stay connected — whether you’re at home, in the office, or abroad.

Affordable Prices

Global communication shouldn’t come with a hefty price tag. EasyRinger offers competitive pricing and flexible plans starting at just $10 per month. For businesses and individuals alike, EasyRinger’s browser-based service provides a cost-effective solution for web-based calling anytime, anywhere.


Other Advanced Features of Browser Phone Calls



EasyRinger’s simple, flexible voicemail feature integrates with caller ID, allowing you to personalize incoming calls even when you can’t answer them. Simply create a greeting that will play when you miss a browser call — either by uploading an MP3 file or typing your message for a human-like AI voice to read. 


You can also choose to toggle the voicemail feature on or off, depending on your preferences.


Call Forwarding

It’s easy to send a call from a web browser to a phone with EasyRinger’s call-forwarding feature. This service allows people to reach you on your phone in over 200 countries and territories globally. You pay a low per-minute rate, and callers pay the typical fees for local calls — usually free. 


EasyRinger works with any mobile or landline phone, making it easy for contacts to reach you without dialing any confusing codes or numbers. They won’t even know they’re calling virtual website numbers, as EasyRinger functions just like a local number.


Caller ID

EasyRinger’s Caller ID Services allow you to display your EasyRinger phone number or your own phone number. This feature is useful in case you need to answer the phone in a particular way — say, if you’re running a test in a new market.

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Interactive Voice Menus

Alongside our advanced caller ID functions, our interactive voice menus ensure a positive experience for both callers and recipients. These menus allow you to guide callers through a menu of options, adding a professional touch to your communications. 


Enhance callers’ experiences by directing them to appropriate departments, and streamline your communication process. Our simple user interface lets you build an interactive voice menu with up to 10 options.

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Block/Allow Callers

Take charge of your incoming calls by blocking or allowing specific callers. Customize your calling experience to suit your preferences. The ability to block or allow specific callers gives you the power to curate your incoming calls according to your preferences, enhancing productivity and avoiding wasted time.

Calling Through a Website: Frequently Asked Questions

Start by logging into your EasyRinger account. Once logged in, you'll find an intuitive interface that allows you to initiate calls directly from your browser. Enter the number, and connect in just a few clicks. For a step-by-step guide, visit our Place a Call from Your Browser article.

Absolutely. EasyRinger ensures seamless connectivity by allowing you to make calls directly to physical mobile phones using your web browser. Whether you're reaching out to friends, family, or business contacts, our web-based calling service makes the process quick and seamless.

Yes, you can. With EasyRinger, you can be at your desk, have your EasyRinger dashboard open in the background, and receive calls directly in your browser. You have the flexibility you need to stay in touch, wherever you are.

No downloads or installations are required for EasyRinger's web-based calling service. There's no need to clutter your device with additional apps or extensions. Just log in to your EasyRinger account, and you're ready to make and receive calls.

Certainly. EasyRinger empowers you to make international calls effortlessly through our web-based calling service. Connect with friends, family, clients, or business partners around the globe with our affordable plans, and enjoy global communications without expensive long-distance fees.

EasyRinger's web-based call service is designed to be versatile and compatible with various browsers. Whether you prefer Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other popular browser, you can make online phone calls effortlessly. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of web-based calling regardless of your browser choice. We prioritize providing a user-friendly experience that adapts to your preferences and technical environment.

Our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you with any technical issues or questions about our plans. At EasyRinger, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and our support team is readily available to address your inquiries. Whether you encounter a technical hiccup or need guidance on selecting the right plan for your needs, you can reach out to our support team for prompt and reliable assistance.

Are you curious about how to make online call activities more streamlined, convenient, and affordable? Visit our Get Started page, follow the prompts to select your phone number and plan, and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

No hidden fees, no contracts.
No installation required.

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