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EasyRinger’s phone number forwarding makes it easy for people to reach you on your phone in over two hundred countries and territories around the world.


Make it easy to reach you

With an EasyRinger number, your contacts can call a local number to reach you. You pay a low per-minute rate and the caller just pays their phone operator the usual fee for a local call - usually free.

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Choose a virtual phone number that suits you perfectly

We won't pick your number; you will! Choose a number that suits you perfectly — either by searching geographically or a vanity search with digits or text. EasyRinger has access to thousands of numbers and makes it easy for you to find the perfect number.


Share your new number

Share your new number with friends, family, colleagues, customers, or anyone who may want to call or message you. Calls and messages to your new number will go directly to your personal phone.

Benefits of redirecting a phone number



With EasyRinger, you can receive calls and make calls. Set your caller ID to enhance your privacy or easily identify customers calling you.



Give your small business a local presence by choosing a number from EasyRinger's powerful number search.



EasyRinger works with any phone — mobile and landline. Your contacts don't need to dial any confusing codes or numbers to reach you. It's just like having a local number.

Our Features

Virtual Number SMS Forwarding

  • Have your new local number forwarded to a cell phone and receive all incoming messages on one device. Or, take advantage of your forwarding number to push your SMS messages to an email client, messaging dashboard, and even a second device.
  • Push messages to customers while retaining your privacy to provide versatility in how you use SMS messages and construct a more personalized experience for your target audience.
  • Getting a local number forwarded to a cell phone for work can help you manage your team and keep your life organized without having to juggle multiple devices. Consolidate your SMS messages and boost your work efficiency with virtual number SMS forwarding.
  • Customer service should be at the heart of any business, and virtual number SMS forwarding makes your contacts, messages, and important documents easily accessible no matter where you are.

Interactive Voice Menus

  • Improve the quality of your customer service team with interactive voice menus. Our virtual call forwarding service allows customers to choose the department they want to reach and receive targeted attention from the team members best suited to help them with their problems.
  • You can also implement interactive voice menus to deliver critical messages to customers who call, such as hours, location, or general business updates — e.g. closed for renovations. Keep everyone informed and provide a higher standard of customer service using a virtual number.


  • Create a custom voicemail message for not only yourself but also your business to provide a personalized touch for prospective customers and clients. Depart from the standardized robotic voices of the default voicemail message and create a voicemail representative of your brand.
  • Voicemail is an extension of your organization — and of your personal brand. Take advantage of this valuable feature when you sign up for EasyRinger’s phone number forwarding service.

Block/Allow Callers

  • Control who can get in touch with you with our block/allow feature.
  • If your redirected number is for personal use, you’ll never be bothered by scammers and problem callers again because we allow you to permanently block them.
  • And if you’re using it for business, call screening allows you to filter the timewasters and prioritize genuine prospects, whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation.
  • Regardless of why you’re looking to block callers, you can do it with just the click of a button using EasyRinger’s virtual phone number forwarding service.

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Virtual Call Forwarding FAQs

Call forwarding is a telephone service that allows incoming calls to be redirected to a phone number of your choosing. Phone number forwarding is useful for both individuals and businesses that want to receive calls to both an existing phone number and an additional local number.

It works like this: when someone calls, a phenomenon kicks in known as bridging. A phone bridge is created between two devices, allowing you to answer a call to one device from another.

Activating phone number forwarding couldn’t be simpler. Firstly, you need to buy a phone number to forward. Start by choosing your number. Then select which phone number you’d like based on the country and region. You also have the option of choosing a vanity number.

Activating call forwarding to a local number is easy. All you have to do is enter the number of the device you want your calls to be forwarded to. That’s it. You can even switch it on and off.

Our local numbers span the globe, from Australia to the US & Canada to the UK. EasyRinger is always searching for new countries to expand to. Whether you’ve moved to another country and want a local number or you’re a business owner that provides products and services to customers and clients in multiple countries, you can get a forwarding phone number in just a few clicks.

Many people are unaware that ringtones vary from country to country. But if you’re a business looking to establish a genuinely local presence, it’s something to be aware of. Virtual phone forwarding is one way to get a local ringtone so you can enjoy an extra layer of authenticity when you move to a new country — whether it’s for pleasure, family or work.

EasyRinger takes pride in providing you with the ability to use a local number without compromising your privacy. With EasyRinger, all your phone calls are 100% private.

This approach to privacy gives EasyRinger users the peace of mind to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. What’s more, if you choose to move on from EasyRinger and use another service, you can request to have EasyRinger destroy any and all records related to you, for good.

No hidden fees, no contracts.
No installation required.

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