Virtual Voicemail

We at EasyRinger understand that whether you’re an expat or an entrepreneur, every phone call matters. That's why we've included voicemail service in all of our plans and phone numbers that support voice.

Transcribe Voicemails to Text

Our Virtual Voicemail stands out thanks to its voice-to-text transcription. It automatically converts all your voicemails to text and sends the transcript to you via email.

Voicemails are more easily searchable when converted to text and can thus be conveniently kept on record and accessed for business operations and transactions. Just navigate to the bottom of your “Voicemail Options” tab, where you’ll be able to turn on or off voicemail transcription.

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Online Voicemail Forwarding

With EasyRinger, you can choose from various voicemail forwarding options, like sending messages directly to your email or mobile device to access them anytime, anywhere.

By converting your voicemails to MP3 files and forwarding them to your personal device, you can listen to messages at your convenience. Enjoy the flexibility to play your messages on any device that supports MP3 format.

Instant Voicemail Notification

Instant voicemail notifications ensure that you receive real-time alerts for voicemails. That way, you can quickly check your messages and respond promptly no matter where you are.

Real-time notifications for voicemails are also useful for business owners and professionals, making sure that you never miss an important message.

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Easy to Use and Customize

Your own virtual voicemail is easy to customize to your exact needs thanks to the user-friendly interface. You don’t even need to record your voice for the answering machine. Our text-to-speech engine provides a natural-sounding reading of your text.

You can also set your calls to go to voicemail immediately or timeout anywhere up to 2 minutes!

The Benefits of Having an Online Voicemail

Receive and Listen to Voicemails Anywhere

Our online-based voicemail ensures that you're always reachable. Whether you're on the road, in a meeting, or simply away from your phone, you can still receive your voicemails. You only need an internet connection to access your voicemails on any device.


Keep Your Voicemail Inboxes Separate

Keep things organized with separate voicemail inboxes. Having different inboxes keeps your business and personal matters separate and also lets you manage communications more efficiently, so you never miss an important message.

Professionalism Perfected

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, having a virtual voicemail enhances communication professionalism with your clients and business partners. Small businesses can benefit from the customization and wide range of features we offer, from transcribing voicemails to real-time notifications.


More Features with Your Voicemail


Call Forwarding

With call forwarding, you can divert incoming calls to any phone number so that you’re always reachable. This is especially useful if you travel a lot or carry multiple cell phones.


For small businesses, call forwarding, when combined with our Caller ID feature, lets you forward client calls to the appropriate employee based on who’s calling.


Caller ID

EasyRinger’s Caller ID service lets you see who’s calling before you answer the call. This allows for more control and professionalism over the conversation.


You can customize your virtual phone number with various add-on features such as interactive voice menus, straight-to-voicemail call management, and even the ability to block and allow numbers to limit spam calls. Additionally, if you run a business, knowing who’s calling you before you answer gives you a few precious seconds to prepare for the conversation.


SIP Phone Solutions

EasyRinger's SIP Phone Service, or Session Initiation Protocol, phone solutions are easy-to-integrate VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services directed at small and medium-sized businesses. You can use the internet to make and receive phone calls with your virtual phone numbers without needing a phone signal or a landline.


You can also implement it alongside our Virtual Voicemail and Caller ID services on any device that’s connected to the internet. You’ll be able to easily and effectively manage your incoming calls, both personal and professional.

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Interactive Voice Menus

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus guide your callers through a series of machine-voiced options, ensuring they reach the right department or person. With customized menus, your callers can obtain the information they need quickly and easily.


Combined with Caller ID, interactive voice menus can help you communicate clearly without having to worry about hiring a dedicated receptionist. You can even chain multiple IVR menus by dialing other virtual numbers, each with its own IVR menu.

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Block/Allow Callers

With EasyRinger virtual numbers, you can block or allow specific callers. This feature grants you total control over incoming calls, ensuring you can manage your personal and business communications without disturbance.


You can also customize your virtual number to block all incoming calls from a specific country or specific area within a country using its designated area code.

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Browser Calling

For the modern digital nomad, staying connected is paramount, and EasyRinger's browser calling feature is your ultimate ally. Imagine making and receiving calls directly from your web browser—no downloads, no hassle, just seamless communication. Whether you're hopping from one country to another or working from a beach in Bali, all you need is an internet connection and a device with your preferred web browser.


With EasyRinger, you're not just getting a virtual phone number; you're unlocking a world where borders can't restrict your communication. Forget about the complexities of securing phone service in each new country you visit.

EasyRinger Voicemail: Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual voicemail is an internet-based voicemail service that allows you to receive and manage your voicemails from any device with an internet connection. It ensures you never miss a phone call from family, friends, or business partners even when you’re unavailable.

Our voicemail service works by forwarding your calls to a virtual phone number. When you're not available to take the call, the caller can leave a message on your virtual voicemail. You can then access these messages from any device with an internet connection.

You can send specific users directly to your EasyRinger Virtual Voicemail or set a suitable time window to answer the call in person.

All virtual EasyRinger numbers that support voice calls feature our user-friendly voicemail system. Sign up for a local US virtual number for a monthly subscription of $10 with no extra fees.

We also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on virtual phone subscriptions, so you can try our services risk-free.

You can customize your voicemail's greeting and timeout period by checking the “Enable voicemail” option in your “Voicemail” tab. There, you can decide on the call's timeout window, between  zero seconds (straight to voicemail) to 2 minutes.

You can opt to record your own greeting to add a personal touch or, for added convenience, simply type out your message. Taking customization a step further, EasyRinger now offers a selection of voices and accents to give your typed text a life of its own. This new layer of personalization ensures your voicemail greeting not only aligns with your brand but also resonates with your callers, making every interaction unique.

Absolutely! Voicemail is essential for small businesses. You can make sure you never miss a call, even when you're not available to take it. 

Combined with voicemail transcription, call forwarding, and instant voicemail notification, EasyRinger’s voicemail is the perfect communication solution for small businesses.

Under the “Voicemail Options” tab, you can choose to enable or disable automatic transcription of voicemails, which costs $0.02 per voicemail. As soon as the voicemail is received, it is converted to text and sent to your email for easy access.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of space for voicemails thanks to EasyRinger’s ample storage capacity.

No hidden fees, no contracts.
No installation required.

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