Best-in-Class SIP Call Features

For small and medium-sized businesses like yours, speed and efficiency are essential for any phone service. Therefore, you always want to ensure your SIP call provider offers exceptional communication capabilities that emphasize user convenience. Here are just a few of the best-in-class SIP call features you can expect from EasyRinger.

Seamless Integration With Your Devices

EasyRinger's SIP phone service can quickly connect to any computer or mobile device in your company's network. With seamless integration, you can benefit from high-end SIP phone service without expending time and effort trying to sync your phone service with your other devices.

Besides, with SIP, you can answer as many calls as your PBX will allow you to take. With SIP, you are not limited by a single device or small set of destination numbers.

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Quick and Easy Sign-Up Process

When onboarding your new SIP phone account to your business, efficiency is essential. With EasyRinger's SIP phone service, signing up is quick and easy. All you need to do is create and activate your account to get started with SIP calling services for your business. Once you've signed up, EasyRinger's dedicated customer service provides ongoing technical support for any issues or questions you may have.

Choose Numbers From Different Countries

One significant benefit of EasyRinger's SIP phone call is the extensive offering of virtual phone numbers from different countries that you can choose from when setting up your account. By selecting local phone numbers from countries like the UK, Hong Kong, and Brazil, you can establish a local presence in new markets and expand your company's global communication capabilities.

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Expand Your Communication With SMS Support

EasyRinger also offers SMS (short messaging service) support. This service lets users send and receive text messages to complement other EasyRinger SIP call features.

Benefits of Using a SIP Phone Service Provider

Improved Call Quality

SIP call service providers like EasyRinger uses state-of-the-art VoIP technology to maximize call quality for all users. With our SIP VoIP service, you can avoid hassles like dropped calls, echoes, and latency.


Enhanced Security

The SIP phone service from EasyRinger is more secure than traditional phone networks because it uses encryption and authentication protocols to protect your company's data and voice traffic.

Affordable Prices

SIP phone service is cheaper because termination calls can be avoided completely by routing calls directly to your SIP device or your PBX. EasyRinger offers business owners like you affordable virtual number pricing plans that start at only $10 per month.


Other Features



No matter how high-tech your phone system has become, you will always need a well-functioning voicemail system. EasyRinger's simple and flexible voicemail system is available to all users with an EasyRinger phone number.


Plus, EasyRinger customers now have a choice in how to set up their voicemail greeting. You can either enter a written text to be read by an artificial intelligence (AI) voice as your outgoing message, or you can use EasyRinger's new feature to upload an MP3 file you have recorded yourself.


Call Forwarding

EasyRinger's call forwarding capabilities provide exceptional call forwarding services while saving you money. Typically, the biggest costs associated with call forwarding were the origination or termination of a particular call. Using a SIP phone service for call forwarding, EasyRinger removes the need for carrier origination fees that often overburden small or medium-sized businesses like yours. You can also avoid even costlier termination fees when you accept a call on your EasyRinger number that comes through a SIP.


Caller ID

Some small and medium-sized businesses have particular needs for the caller ID on their SIP phone service. For example, if you are running a test market with your business, you may want to answer the phone in a particular way.


With EasyRinger, you can choose two options for your caller ID system. You can either see the number that is calling your EasyRinger phone number or your own phone number. This way, you can better manage your communication depending on who calls you.

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Interactive Voice Menus

EasyRinger subscribers will also benefit from EasyRinger's user-friendly interactive voice menus. These menus let you build the user interface for your company's voice menu system based on up to 10 different options. As a result, you get excellent voice menu capabilities while customizing the specifics to match your unique brand identity and voice.

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Block/Allow Callers

Blocking and allowing calls is easy and convenient with EasyRinger's SIP phone service. Selecting the "Block Numbers" radio button on your dashboard will block any numbers matching your chosen one. The "Allow Numbers" button blocks every number except the one you have selected.

SIP Phone Service FAQs

SIP phone services use state-of-the-art VoIP technology to maintain a comprehensive phone network over the internet or another IP type. VoIP lets you send voice calls over an internet connection instead of a traditional phone network. A SIP phone service is integrated with the internet, requiring much less hardware and servers than a conventional phone installation. It also takes much less time to set up.

SIP and VoIP services are closely related but have a few key differences. VoIP is the broader framework that lets users send voice messages online. SIP is a specific protocol within the VoIP network that allows users to manage their phone and video calls over a VoIP network. So while you can use a VoIP network without a SIP phone service, the SIP service provides the best system for navigating the VoIP service.

EasyRinger is committed to providing subscribers with complete transparency regarding pricing. With EasyRinger's SIP phone service, you will never experience hidden subscription fees.

EasyRinger offers several different types of customer service for its subscribers. If you have a technical issue with your SIP phone service, you can contact EasyRinger's customer service team via email or online chat.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems are private telephone networks within an individual company or organization. PBX systems allow users in that company to communicate both internally and externally. When integrated with an internet-based SIP system, a PBX system can afford your company more physical phones than phone lines.

Signing up for EasyRinger's SIP phone service is quick and easy. All you need to do is select your country, region, and number and enter your email address. Once you have submitted your payment using EasyRinger's secure payment platform, you can activate your SIP phone service account.

EasyRinger's phone service requires no additional software or hardware on your end. So, if you think EasyRinger's SIP phone service is the best next step for your company, get started on your subscription today.

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No installation required.

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