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What’s a virtual phone number?

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A virtual number, also known as DID or access number, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers chosen by the client; either Fixed, Mobile or VoIP. A virtual number can work like a gateway between traditional calls (PSTN) and VOIP.

Subscribers to virtual numbers may use their existing phones, without the need to purchase additional hardware. A Virtual Private Number is a telephone number that forwards incoming calls to any of a number of pre-set telephone numbers. These are also called a follow-me number, a virtual telephone number or (in the UK) Personal Number.

Usually a virtual telephone number can be set to forward calls to different telephone numbers depending on the time of day and the day of the week; for example, between 9-5 on working days incoming calls will be forwarded to one's workplace, but in the weekends to one's cellphone. The availability (and acceptable use) of Virtual Phone Numbers is subject to the regulatory situation in the issuing country. Source:Wikipedia

Examples of use

EasyRinger offers you thousands of virtual numbers available for you to buy online. Our virtual numbers work just like regular phone numbers: they can be dialed just like any regular phone number. But, the added bonus is that you can forward them to any other phone number anywhere around the world. There are all sorts of ways you can use a virtual phone number from EasyRinger:

  • Use a virtual number when when you want privacy. Hide your real phone number by using our Caller ID feature. Block unwanted calls or allow only your chosen set of numbers to call and message you.
  • Use a virtual number in a location where you'd like a local presence.
  • Use a virtual number to forward anywhere around the world. Make it a simple local call for friends,family, and customers to reach you anywhere. Have it forward to your overseas mobile phone and receive calls while you're out exploring.