Make Calls as a Local

EasyRinger helps you present yourself professionally and credibly with local clients. With our virtual phone service, you can advertise your business with local outlets and encourage your customers to dial the local number without worrying about the cost of calls.

EasyRinger allows you to maintain your customer base at all times and travel the world knowing your customers can always reach you.


An Intuitive Number-Choosing System

With EasyRinger, there's no need to fill out complex forms, install specialized software, or even make direct contact with us to obtain your number. All you need to do is select the country and the specific city in which you want to have a virtual phone number and then choose from many available Swiss phone numbers.

After you send your regulatory information required by Switzerland, you'll receive your phone number. It's as simple as that. With our "Vanity" search feature, you can even customize parts of the number to include words, letters, or a series of numbers of your choosing.

No Unpleasant Surprises

There are no hidden fees, cumbersome processes, and software installations with EasyRinger. Our Switzerland virtual phone numbers are easy to use and to obtain. The contract is client-friendly, and you can cancel at any time with no penalties or fees.

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An Affordable Virtual Number Plan

Managing an international business and staying connected to globally dispersed clients aren’t luxury needs — neither are our prices. The Swiss virtual numbers at EasyRinger, known for our competitive virtual phone number prices, are one of the most affordable in the market. Our standard offering starts at as little as $12 per month which includes $2 rolling credit. With an annual subscription, you can get the same benefits for two extra months for free.

More Features

EasyRinger’s Switzerland virtual number isn’t just a placeholder. Our virtual numbers are full-service, and the plans include many features (as standard and add-ons) to help provide the perfect experience.

Whether you need voicemail, interactive voice response, messaging, or a specialized caller ID, we got you covered. EasiRinger provides an all-in-one virtual phone system where you can both acquire a Switzerland phone number online and manage its features and availability as you would a SIM card.

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Block or Allow Callers

With EasyRinger, you have a built-in option to block unwanted calls. You can access the feature directly through the menu of the EasyRinger dashboard. Our virtual phone system will block any number you set as “blocked” and stop it from ever contacting you.

You can use the “allow callers” option for even higher privacy. By inputting all the numbers you’d like to be able to reach you, our filtering system would proceed to block all incoming calls from numbers that aren’t on your “allow” list. This is perfect for expats looking to communicate with locals they know firsthand and avoid unwanted calls.

Check our blog post to learn more about allowing and blocking numbers.

Interactive Voice Menus

Interactive voice response (IVR) menus from Easy Ringer allow you to pick from many automated voice responses and set them up for your contacts. These can hold a call in your place and provide incoming callers with the information they need on the spot without necessarily having to call you a second time.

Through a simple user interface, you’ll be able to control the automated conversation based on the caller’s response when they press an option on the number keypad. You can customize the response per phone number without having to generalize and lump all your clients together.

Follow our blog about IVR setup and customization for more details.

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Caller ID

No more answering unknown numbers or hoping your clients would take the chance. With EasyRinger's Caller ID feature you can customize your Swiss virtual phone number to include a caller ID that will pop up on your client’s screen. That way, whether you’re calling to follow up on an inquiry or market a new service or product, your clients will always know who is calling.

We also offer caller-ID for the calling number. When there’s an incoming call to your Swiss virtual number, you’ll be able to see the person calling you and respond accordingly.

Learn more about our caller ID feature in the following blog.

Switzerland Virtual Phone Number FAQ

When conducting business or working as an expat in Switzerland, it’s essential to be available to the local population. Having a Switzerland country code phone number ensures residents can always reach you at affordable, local rates, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction.

If you get a Switzerland phone number for your business, you can also get listed in the local business directory and review sites. This will allow you to level up your marketing efforts and inspire more confidence in local customers, as prospects are most likely to trust and follow an ad with a local phone number.

Phone codes are the primary identifier of a phone number's whereabouts, and every country has a unique code determined by an international telephone marketing plan. In Switzerland, all local numbers start with +41. The second code then pinpoints the specific region in the country where the phone number is registered.

With EasyRinger, you get Switzerland phone numbers that follow the same system as local numbers. When choosing your virtual phone number, you can select between the codes of seven regions in Switzerland:"

  • Basel
  • Bern
  • Geneve
  • Grenchen
  • Luzern
  • Lausanne
  • Zurich

It's essential to note the predominantly spoken language in every region before selecting a virtual phone number. While English is present in Switzerland, each area has a specific dominant language, such as French, German, Italian, and Romansh.

You get a 7-day money-back guarantee for all virtual phone numbers purchased from EasyRinger, including Swiss ones. However, this guarantee is not available if you use the number to verify an account connected to an online service like Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

As for recurring monthly or annual payments, we accept a wide variety of options. You can complete your purchase and receive your guaranteed refund on credit card providers such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and UnionPay. We also support payments made by PayPal.

Virtual voicemail is one of the most important features you can offer your customers. At EasyRinger, we provide a simple and flexible system for receiving and keeping voicemails. You can greet your customers directly by uploading an mp3 file or typing the greeting message for an AI (artificial intelligence) bot to read.

Voicemail is active by default for all countries. You can determine the activation threshold of the voicemail at anywhere from 0 to 120 seconds. This is especially beneficial if you travel a lot while taking your Switzerland phone number along. You don't have to cut off your customers while you're on the road and unable to answer their calls immediately.

Read more about our voicemail service on our blog.

If your customer asks to be called back instead of staying on hold or leaving a message in the voicemail, you can use EasyRinger’s callback feature. All you need to do is click the "Make a Call" button and type in your customer's number.

This feature is particularly beneficial if you have multiple EasyRinger virtual numbers in Switzerland and other countries. When you click on the callback button, our service will redirect your call to the phone number the customer first reached out to before connecting you with them.

An internet connection is needed to start the call, but the rest is standard phone-to-phone communication.

EasyRinger’s virtual phone numbers are available in 23 countries on five continents, including:

You can get numbers from any of these countries as long as you can showcase proof of identity and residency. Photographs of documents such as a government ID, passport, title deed, utility bill, visa, tax notice, or rent receipt all work for this purpose.

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No installation required.

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