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Virtual phone numbers France allows you to remain within reach, regardless of location. There's no need for a dedicated phone line to make calls. Once you get a French phone number online from EasyRinger, there’s no requirement to download specific software to start making phone calls. Instead, we provide you with the numbers you need in a quick, easy, and hassle-free way. 


Connect with your clients and business partners

You can assign multiple French phone numbers to connect with your French clients or collaborate with business partners in France. It looks more professional to have an established number for making calls that appear local versus relying on your personal line. You can buy a phone number to represent different areas of your business, like customer service or sales. 

Having a virtual French mobile number means you’re not tied to a single phone. That lets you bypass the confines of a landline, allowing you to use your French phone number in different ways. For example, you can access business partners' text messages and keep communication lines open from any location. 

Choose your French number in minutes

You can purchase a virtual phone number from France in just a few minutes, along with SMS services. Start by going to our website and selecting France as your choice of where you want to establish your virtual phone number. Then, you can refine your search to pick a specific region or choose a custom vanity number. 

Next, you can pick from several French phone number options provided to you by EasyRinger, then provide us with a valid email. That way, we can forward you the details of your newly purchased French virtual phone number package. Finally, pick and choose a plan, then provide us with your payment details. 

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No software and no contract required

Many companies that offer virtual phone numbers from countries like France require you to download specialized software. They may also ask you to sign up for an extended contract that locks you in for a specific period, then charge you a penalty if you attempt to exit the agreement early. 

You won’t have to worry about any of that with EasyRinger. Once you complete the sign-up process and pay for your virtual phone plan, you can start making calls. We also don’t require our customers to agree to a contract. So if you no longer wish to use our service, you’re free to leave without worrying about paying extra to get out of a contract. 

Affordable monthly plans

Some businesses that provide virtual phone numbers in France charge exorbitant prices for their services. They promote the idea that offering reliable virtual phone number service is only possible by charging a premium. 

EasyRinger believes in offering virtual phone number services at reasonable prices. You can get started with a monthly plan for just $15. If needed, you have the flexibility to choose from other options available depending on the country and your specific needs, ensuring you find the best virtual phone number price for your situation.

EasyRinger only charges $0.03 to connect calls made from your French online phone number. We also provide customers with $2 in call credits that resets each month. If you need more credit, you can always add some. Any unused credit that you have can always be refunded and never expires. 


More Features

Let’s explore some of the additional features provided by EasyRinger when you sign up for one of our virtual online plans.

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Virtual French mobile number for SMS

You can use your French virtual mobile phone number for SMS messages. Verify that your French phone number supports the service when you sign up. You can make phone calls and send text messages using the same local phone number. Check your plan for more information about how much you get charged in a supported EasyRinger location. 

A voicemail that you customize

We offer voicemail services so that your business partners or French customers can message you if you have your phone off. EasyRinger delivers voicemails to your notification email instantly in an mp3 format. You can customize the message any way you choose. Our customers also have control over when to collect voicemails. Of course, you can always turn off the voicemail service if you need something else. 

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Explore our interactive voice menus

Signing up for our Pro plan gives you access to interactive voice menus. In addition, we provide user-friendly interfaces that guide you in setting up the options for actions that customers can choose from. That way, you can establish a more professional customer experience. 

For example, when customers call in, you can create different menus to direct them to customer service, sales, billing, or other company departments. That way, you make it easier for clients to locate the right person to help them resolve their issues quickly. 

French Virtual Phone Number FAQs

French regulations require that you have a valid French address in the location of your French number. That doesn’t mean that you physically need to reside at the location. This is not something imposed by EasyRinger, but it is a requirement that allows us to continue providing virtual French phone numbers. The goal is to reduce fraud associated with virtual numbers. You can explore options for purchasing an address with your virtual French phone line. 

EasyRinger is constantly updating the numbers that we have available in different regions. If you cannot find your preferred choice of a virtual French phone number, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to look for ways to expand the services we offer. 

Below are the area codes currently available for different regions of France:

  • Le Havre, Normandy – 333

  • Lons le Saunier, Bourgogne Franche Comte – 333

  • Paris – 331

  • Toulon, Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur – 334

  • Toulouse, Occitanie – 335

Once you figure out which option works best for the address you have on file, select one, then continue with the process of providing your email so you can choose a virtual plan option. 

For many business owners, buying more than one French phone number is beneficial. If you have multiple departments within your organization, you can purchase multiple phone numbers from EasyRinger to represent each. If you sign up for a Pro plan, you can set up your menus to direct customers to those departments using those phone numbers. 

Having multiple French phone numbers makes it easier for you to establish a virtual phone service that scales with the needs of your business. In addition, you can set up a more efficient call management process that accommodates customers and ensures that calls get delivered to the appropriate person promptly. 

Yes, you can make international calls with your French phone number. You can take advantage of cheaper rates by using an international phone number to call other regions in France and elsewhere in and around the European continent. In addition, you’ll pay less for calls made from your virtual phone number from France versus using one from a U.S. location. 

You’ll also experience clearer call quality and more flexibility in whom you can call from different locations. Finally, establishing a French number means you’ll reap the benefits of paying less to communicate with French customers, vendors, and partners without establishing a physical French address. 

You can enhance your call management by utilizing the Caller ID feature with EasyRinger, allowing you to choose how to see the number of the person who calls your EasyRinger number. By selecting the Calling Number option, if someone calls you, the call gets forwarded to your current destination and displays the caller’s number on your device.

The second option is the EasyRinger number option. When you select that, your caller ID will display your EasyRinger number when someone dials your number. Based on that, you can decide how to answer the phone. This is ideal if you are using your EasyRinger virtual French number for business purposes. 

If you aren’t satisfied with our virtual phone service for any reason within the first seven days of use, feel free to contact us for a full refund of any remaining credits on your account. Please note that we cannot provide refunds on app verification services on platforms like PayPal or Facebook. However, our company will refund any remaining balance left on your EasyRinger subscription and the price of your subscription.

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  • Argentina

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