Call People As If You Were in Australia

Look like a local when you purchase your Australia virtual phone number. If you’re looking to become a truly global organization, you don’t need to create a physical footprint on the other side of the globe.

Why should you get a local virtual phone number to stay in touch with personal and professional contacts in Australia?

  • Forge an Australian Presence – Become local to Australia without the hassle of a physical or expensive virtual office package.

  • Build Trust Anywhere – Make your number appear wherever you need it, with calling codes starting in Western Australia and crossing the Outback to New South Wales and Tasmania.

  • Stick with Your Phone – Continue to use your existing phone without needing to switch out SIM cards. Make or take calls from any compatible handset with your virtual Australian mobile number.

Don’t discount the business benefits of developing a presence where your customers are. In just a few clicks, you’re a local business serving your clientele where they are. Select the affordable solution with EasyRinger today.


EasyRinger Makes it Easy to Choose a Number

Launch the process of getting your Australia virtual phone number with EasyRinger today. Create your account, select Australia as your preferred country, and choose your number.

Select from a list of different numbers. If you’re unsatisfied with our randomly generated numbers, why not create your own vanity number? Our vanity number feature enables you to choose the branded number that matches up with your business while protecting your privacy.

We don’t impose any limits on how many Australian numbers you can hold on your account. Choose an Australia virtual number for every state, or even have more than one number per state to impress your clients across the Land Downunder.

Forget All About Hidden Fees

Buy an Australia phone number online today and make communication simple. Unlike similar providers, EasyRinger contracts are designed with our clients in mind.

The clauses you see are transparent and come with no hidden fees. What you see is precisely what you get. Build the communications budget that always gets fixed with EasyRinger.

Even better, none of our packages impose minimum lock-in packages, so you can cancel your service whenever you want, with no fees and or questions asked.

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Affordable Plans

EasyRinger is proud to provide some of the world's most affordable call and SMS packages,ensuring the virtual number cost remains low. Streamline your communications without paying a premium price while enjoying a premium service.

Packages start at just $10 per month, with no extra fees. So, for example, owning your online phone number in Australia costs just 33 cents daily. EasyRinger pricing for Australian numbers is designed to have small and large operations in mind.

Getting a genuine presence on Australian soil has never been more affordable.

Perfect for Business and Personal Use

EasyRinger virtual numbers provide streamlined access to the Australian market, making it easy for you to stay in touch with family, friends, and business partners across this vast country.

Use our services to test the Australian market as part of a future growth strategy. Make it easier to talk to your Australian clients with a number they recognize. As an entrepreneur, you can create multiple contact lines weaving through every major Australian city.

Keep in touch with personal and professional contacts by signing up with EasyRinger now.


More Features

Go beyond standard call packages with an array of features to enhance your capabilities and bolster your calling experience. Our extra features come as standard with every VoIP number in Australia.

Enjoy affordable local calls, low SMS rates, voicemail, interactive voice menus, and an ever-expanding range of extras.

Discover why thousands of individuals and businesses choose EasyRinger for their virtual phone numbers with a deep dive into our most valuable features.

Get Started With EasyRinger Now

Send an SMS from a Virtual Australian Mobile Number

Virtual numbers often offer no more than the opportunity to place local calls from a local caller ID. Amplify your communication with free SMS features with every virtual phone number package.

No need to download an independent chat app or rely on a branded app to send messages. Deliver SMS messages in the traditional way with your existing handset through your Australia virtual phone number.

Check out our pricing page for more information on how little it could cost you to send an SMS in Australia today.

Use Interactive Voice Menus

Managing a large customer base is challenging. Direct your customers to where they need to be with interactive voice menus. The power of attaching interactive voice menus to your Australia virtual phone number is in providing a stellar customer experience surpassing your competitors.

Interactive voice menus ensure your customers can get to where they need to be without being routed through multiple personnel and different phone menus.

Take your professionalism to the next level with an efficient approach to customer service. Customize your interactive voice menu to match your operation’s needs with an EasyRinger Australia virtual phone number.


Create a Compelling Voicemail Message

Ensure you leave the right first impression when your customers perform an Australia phone lookup for your brand.

Can’t take the call? Set up your personalized virtual voicemail message. Make the default voicemail message a thing of the past by crafting the sound and tone you want from scratch.

Every individual number offers its own voicemail message so that you can match the message with the context. Nail a professional first impression by recording your voicemail message today.

Block/Allow Callers

Stop spam callers in their tracks with a click of a button from your EasyRinger interface. Prevent nuisance customers from calling your number. Stop cold callers from clogging up your lines and wasting valuable time and resources.

Set up the line for the callers who really matter, such as through personalized service lines or premium customer support. Allow a limited number of callers via a single number and provide a more exclusive experience.

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Customize Your Caller ID

Answer calls the right way and manage several numbers simultaneously with sophisticated caller ID functions.

Know who is trying to call and ensure your contacts know who is trying to call them with customized caller ID features.

Support Multimedia Messaging with MMS

Take messaging into the future with full support and compatibility with MMS. With MMS, you can deliver multiple media types across the network.

Deliver a superior communication experience with images, videos, and audio like native chat apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.


Australia Virtual Number FAQs

Whenever you purchase an Australian number for use in Australia, you are purchasing a VoIP number. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is the online number protocol. It’s what enables people to make calls over the Internet and for others to call numbers from traditional mobile handsets.

Despite VoIP numbers working differently from the classic landline, there needs to be a more practical difference. These are real, permanent phone numbers anyone can call. The utility and function remain the same as any traditional phone line.

Be aware that the service provider you select will determine what features come with your VoIP number. At EasyRinger, we aim to provide complete call and messaging functionality with all of our Australian numbers.

You will never share your EasyRinger number with anybody else. All numbers are unique and exclusive to you. When you choose your number, you only see new numbers that have yet to be used.

Other service providers sometimes reuse numbers from previous customers, including those already used for online service verification purposes. However, your Australian number remains exclusive to you because it is attached to your account from the second you purchase it.

What do you need to get your VoIP number for Australia?

We touched upon how to start the process of getting your number above, but if you need a more in-depth guide, follow these easy steps:

  • Step One – After creating your account, choose the country of your choice from our vast list. Australia will appear close to the top of the list.

  • Step Two – Refine your search by choosing which state or city you want your dialing code to originate from. Some customers may not need a specific number, so feel free to select one randomly.

  • Step Three – The EasyRinger platform provides several virtual numbers that have yet to be used. Choose the one that matches your needs.

  • Step Four – Enter your email address so we can send you detailed instructions on making your first calls, alongside other information pertinent to your account.

Completing this simple four-step process takes just a few minutes. It’s the fastest way to get your Australia number assigned to your account.

You can be anywhere in the world, but when calls are forwarded to you, the caller must believe they are speaking to someone in the same country as them.

Call forwarding internationally has one fatal flaw: a distinct change in the ringtone. Many businesses looking to grow internationally through virtual numbers often don’t consider this problem. Most countries have a unique ringtone, and Australia is no exception.

Callers with more international experience are well aware of this, which is why they may notice that they have switched to an international call when dialing a supposedly local number. It can leave a bad taste in their mouths, but with EasyRinger, this is no longer a problem.

Maintain a local presence regardless of where you are in the world with a ringtone that matches Australia. EasyRinger instantly matches the ringtone of the country with where your virtual number comes from. As a result, your customers will now know they are calling a local phone number. This feature is integrated automatically and requires no input or setup on your part.

After all, if someone performs a local phone lookup, they expect to talk to someone local.

Caller ID is what you see when someone calls your number. Knowing the number or the person enables you to decide whether you want to take that call.

With EasyRinger, you can choose what you see whenever someone calls your virtual landline number in Australia. You can choose from your EasyRinger number or the calling number.

If you select the calling number, you replicate standard caller ID features. However, if you decide on your EasyRinger number, the call is automatically forwarded to your destination, and you can see the number of the person trying to contact you.

For business owners, this is vital because the chances are they are using the same handset to take numbers from local contacts. Selecting “Your EasyRinger Number” means you will automatically see whether someone has called the number associated with your SIM card or your virtual number.

This feature enables you to answer your phone in a particular way. For example, you can see which brand someone is calling if you run multiple small businesses at once. Getting it wrong is all too common when you don’t have caller ID enabled, and it can be embarrassing.

Alternatively, if you are using your EasyRinger to call out to a contact you may have been unable to connect with previously, your choice of caller ID option will also influence what the recipient sees.

Depending on which option you choose, the person will either see your EasyRinger number or the destination number. Setting up caller ID and interacting with the EasyRinger interface is simple and takes only seconds to understand.

Voicemail is essential for delivering the right impression. With EasyRinger, you can customize your voicemail to suit your business and personality. Use multiple numbers and create entirely different voicemail messages based on what the number is designed for.

Feel free to turn on or turn off voicemail as and when required. You can also set the voicemail function to time out if you’re in an important meeting or don’t want anyone else to leave a message.

Customizing your voicemail couldn’t be simpler. Type in a simple message if you prefer a generic computer-generated voice, or say it yourself just like you would record any other piece of audio.

Currently, the computer-generated audio feature is only available in English, but we expect more languages to become available soon.

Spam callers are a menace that can quickly clog up your phone network. Prevent your lines from becoming overwhelmed by nuisance callers with the block/allow callers function.

Use EasyRinger blocking features to prevent known spam callers from continually contacting you via your Australian number.

Alternatively, the block/allow caller function enables you to set up exclusive lines for employees and premium customers. Use a virtual number from Australia to provide specialized customer service, allowing your business to excel in what it does best.

Australian numbers are not reserved for Australian residents or citizens. No laws require you to obtain residency or to have any physical presence in Australia to purchase and use a local number.

You can legally use an EasyRinger virtual number whether you are an Australian living overseas or a foreigner choosing to build a business in Australia. However, many EasyRinger customers with Australian numbers have never visited the country.

Some virtual phone number providers require their clients to download proprietary software to use their numbers. You may also need to download a specialized app to control different call functions.

EasyRinger understands this can create significant security and privacy concerns for businesses worldwide. Our platform works differently because it’s fully compatible with all mobile devices. You won’t need to download any software/apps or follow complex tutorials to get set up.

With no compatibility issues or learning curves to worry about, EasyRinger is the fastest way to establish a local presence in Australia.

EasyRinger never ties you into a long-term contract. You will always be able to commit to a minimum period to buy an Australian phone number online.

Every EasyRinger customer receives a seven-day money-back guarantee when they sign up. You can cancel your subscription for any reason during this initial seven-day period. We will never ask any questions about why you have decided to cancel. Instead, we will issue you a complete refund.

Be aware that there are limited circumstances when we may be unable to process a full refund in the event of cancellation. If you have already used a number for phone verification purposes, this guarantee is void because the number is associated with a service. Any additional numbers are not eligible for a refund.

Examples of services that require phone verification as standard include Google, PayPal, WhatsApp, and traditional banks. This exception remains in place whether you have chosen to verify via a phone call or an SMS message.

Customers that have yet to use their virtual number and choose to cancel may see their numbers reissued. Make sure you are fully satisfied with the EasyRinger service before using your virtual number to verify any online service.

Yes, you can. Businesses requiring a hyperlocal presence may require a number from a specific city. Since there are zero limits on how many virtual numbers you can have associated with your account, you can select virtual numbers from multiple Australian cities.

Every Australian city has its own area code you will need to dial. Here are some examples of the different cities we cover alongside their dialing codes:

  • Adelaide – +618

  • Cairns – +617

  • Canberra – +612

  • Hobart – +613

  • Melbourne – +613

  • Perth – +618

  • Sydney – +612

Select your Australia virtual phone number now and get the hyperlocalized presence you require for your business in Australia, whether you’re establishing a permanent footprint or testing a new market.

Your security is our priority. We make it simple for you to purchase the virtual numbers you require for your business. EasyRinger covers practically every major economy in the world, with more countries being incorporated into our platform regularly.

Today’s globalized economy means you need simple numbers on demand. Choose from secure payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, and payment platforms like PayPal.

If you have any questions about payment methods, contact our support team.

Globalization means that even small businesses must expand their presence globally. Instead of spending thousands on physical phone lines, your virtual number enables you to become a vast international operation without the expense.

EasyRinger aims to offer VoIP numbers in developed economies worldwide. Some of the locations you can purchase numbers from include:

At EasyRinger, we know how important it is for you to stay local wherever you are in the world. Therefore, EasyRinger constantly adds new countries to the platform, as local rules and regulations allow.

To find out more about the countries, you can purchase numbers from, view the EasyRinger virtual numbers list now.

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