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Use a virtual number when you want privacy. Hide your real phone number by using our Caller ID feature. Block unwanted calls or allow only your chosen set of numbers to call and message you.

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Once you have your virtual Canada phone number, you can make sure your call goes into and out of Canada.

Why get a Canada number for your handset?

  • Build Trust in the Canadian Market – Show your clients that you have a solid local presence with your Canada virtual phone number.

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Sign up with EasyRinger and get your number fast. Choose “Canada,” select the region, and choose from a list of numbers.

Want vanity phone numbers in Canada to brand your business? You can do it by entering your own custom vanity number. They work in the same way as a traditional number.

Buy as many Canadian numbers as you like to give you a presence all over the country and impress your clients with your nationwide phone network.


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Enjoy the peace of mind of working with a VoIP number Canada provider that never locks you into a long-term contract. Feel free to join and leave anytime, with no hidden fees, complete transparency, and an easy signup/cancellation process.

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More Features

Make the most of your calling capabilities with added features that are standard with every plan. Your virtual phone number for Canada is more than just a number. It is your conduit to the people that matter most.

Check out the features that allow you to enjoy cheap local calls and constant contact with friends, loved ones, and business partners, including SMS, caller ID, voicemail, and so much more.


Send SMS from a Canadian Number

Get a Canadian phone number, and you can do more than call and talk. Unlike other VoIP alternatives, the days of relying on independent chat apps are a thing of the past.

Your EasyRinger plan allows you to send SMS messages across the network at rock-bottom prices to ensure you are always available when a call does not suffice.

Set Up Your Own Voicemail

Buy a Canada virtual phone number and set up your own custom voicemail. Stand out from the crowd and give off the right impression with a voicemail tailored to your needs, whether personal or business.

Subscribers can upload their own mp3 files or they can type their voicemail greeting and our text-to-speech engine will read it.

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Block/Allow Callers

Stop spam callers in their tracks and keep your phone lines clear for the people who really matter by setting up a list of allowed and blocked callers.

Keep control over your phone with an innovative process that allows you to block/allow callers with a click of a button.

Canada Virtual Number FAQs

When you buy a Canada virtual phone number, you purchase a VoIP number. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is an online number enabling you to make calls out and others to call in.

These are real numbers. The only difference is they are not assigned to a traditional phone line in your house or office, like legacy numbers. However, there is no difference in how they function, and you will get the same utility as any phone line.

Every province in Canada has its own set of codes for triangulating who is calling. With EasyRinger, you can use any of them. Here is a sampling of the essential codes you need to know when creating your first online phone number in Canada:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia: 250, 604
  • Manitoba: 204, 431
  • New Brunswick: 506
  • Newfoundland: 709
  • Northwest Territories: 867
  • Nova Scotia: 902
  • Nunavut: 867
  • Ontario: 249, 343, 416, 519, 647
  • Prince Edward Island: 902, 782
  • Quebec: 450, 367, 579, 819
  • Saskatchewan: 306, 639
  • Yukon: 867
  • And many others

EasyRinger features custom numbers from Canada, with all these codes available to enable you to appear from any province and any particular community. Just choose a specific region when creating your first number, and you will receive a selection of numbers featuring the provincial codes of your choice.

Yes, you can take advantage of numbers available in other countries to provide you with an international presence. The nature of an increasingly globalized world means you may need to have a number in one or several countries. There are no restrictions on how many numbers you can purchase or where they originate.

All numbers are unique and exclusive to the user. Nobody else can use your number for as long as your subscription remains active.

Unlike some unscrupulous virtual number providers, your virtual number in Canada remains exclusive to you. Nobody else can access or use your money because that number is in your name the moment you purchase it.

No laws state that you must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to hold a Canada virtual phone number.

You can use these numbers whether you are a Canadian living abroad, a recent arrival, or someone who has never stepped foot in the Great White North.

Growing businesses can struggle to manage the flow of incoming callers. Directing customers to the appropriate person who can help them is crucial to ensure an efficient customer service division and a high-quality customer experience.

Every province in Canada has its own set of codes for triangulating who is calling. With EasyRinger, you can use any of them. Here is a sampling of the essential codes you need to know when creating your first

Interactive voice menus may be customized according to the needs of your business. It’s one reason why figuring out how to get a Canada number from a provider like EasyRinger offers so much value.

Some of the locations you can buy virtual numbers from include:

To find out more about which countries are included as part of the EasyRinger platform, check out our virtual numbers page now.

New countries are regularly being added further to enhance the usability and usefulness of your EasyRinger package.

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