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Stay contactable wherever you are in the world with a UK virtual phone number. Stay present, and appear as if you’re calling from the UK with an EasyRinger UK VoIP number.

Unlike other services, you get to keep your own handset. Select the UK to create a UK phone number and appear from England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. Get the local presence you need while taking advantage of various features to construct the calling experience your customers expect.

Sign up for EasyRinger to get a UK mobile number online at the lowest call and SMS rates in the business. No hidden fees, no hidden terms, and no hassle with EasyRinger.


Look Like You’re Calling from Across the Pond

Obtain your UK virtual phone number to ensure your call goes into and out of the UK. But why buy a UK phone number for your business?

  • Generate Trust in the UK – Forge your local presence without a physical office through your UK virtual mobile number.

  • Local Presence Worldwide – Wherever you’re located, you can appear from anywhere in any of the nations of the UK. Select a Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland phone number if you want a hyper-localized presence.

  • Use the Same Handset – Forget switching out SIM cards whenever you want to call. Keep your existing handset and make or take calls from your new online phone number UK.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of obtaining a local presence. It takes only a few clicks to get a British phone number from any locality within the UK. Choose the affordable solution with EasyRinger.

Quickly Choose a Number

Gain unparalleled control over your number. Start our account creation process, select the UK as your desired country, and choose your number.

You’ll receive a selection of numbers to choose from. Not happy with your number? Create your own vanity number to market your brand and protect your privacy.

There are no limits on how many numbers you can hold onto your account. If you want separate local numbers within all the nations that comprise the UK, you can do it with EasyRinger.

Impress your clients with a nationwide network without a physical presence on the ground.

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Affordable Plans

EasyRinger takes pride in providing some of the industry's most affordable call and SMS packages. UK plans start from just $10 per month, with no hidden fees included.

The cost to get a virtual UK phone number is just 33 cents per day, which is MUCH less than a single cup of coffee. Achieving your local presence has never been more affordable than with EasyRinger.

Zero Hidden Fees

Buy a UK number online and what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees incorporated into our packages. You will never suffer from being nickel-and-dimed for the range of services and features offered as part of your UK virtual phone number package.

Our contracts are written with the interests of our clients in mind. There are also no minimum lock-in periods. End your contract whenever you want with just a click of a button.


More Features

Amplify your call packages with added features that come as standard with every UK plan. Buy a UK mobile number online, and you can enjoy cheap local calls, low SMS messaging rates, caller ID, interactive voice menus, voicemail, and so much more.

No other international virtual number provider offers as many features without charging you an extra cent more. Check out our features for an overview of what you get when you get a London phone number.


UK Virtual Mobile Number for SMS

Your UK number can be used for so much more than calls. Unlike common VoIP solutions, you don’t need to download an independent chat app to send text messages to your contacts.

With EasyRinger, you can send SMS messages like you would with any traditional cell phone package. Whenever you cannot reach the phone, send a genuine SMS at the low rates you would expect.

Set a Caller ID

Craft the professional image you want with two caller ID options. Either select your EasyRinger number to act as your caller ID or set the calling number as your ID.

Your calling number works just like any standard caller ID. Immediately see the number of the person trying to get in touch.

Choose your EasyRinger number whenever you want to see if your UK EasyRinger number has been dialed. Use this option if you are launching a small business or running a test market in the UK for the first time.

voice menu

Interactive Voice Menus

Managing a growing operation can become a challenge. Create a better customer experience with interactive voice menus so your customers can be directed to the appropriate person.

Interactive voice menus enable your callers to get to who they need to without delay. Enhance your efficiency while bolstering your professionalism.

You have complete control over your interactive voice menus so that you can orientate this feature according to the needs of your business.

UK Virtual Phone Number FAQs

Yes, you can. You can also get a Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales phone number at the click of a button. EasyRinger also enables you to home in specific cities, whether you want to be in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, or Belfast.

Some of the numbers we offer include the following:

  • London - +44-20
  • Manchester - +44-161
  • Liverpool - +44-151
  • Edinburgh - +44-131
  • Glasgow - +44-141
  • Cardiff - +44-29
  • Belfast - +44-28

Select your EasyRinger now and get the number that offers you a UK virtual phone number and a virtual number that shows you are located in a particular UK town or city.

Set up your own custom voicemail to brand your business. Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you are a serious business through your voice.

You can switch up your voicemail for every number you hold, enabling you to give off the right impression wherever you are.

Prevent spam callers from clogging your phone network. Provide exclusive numbers for a limited number of people through the block/allow callers feature.

Maintain control over who can and cannot call you with the process that empowers you to block or allow a number with a single click of a button.

EasyRinger provides all customers with a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy, cancel your contract and receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Exceptions - 1) If you have already used your number for verification purposes, the money-back guarantee is voided because the number is now associated with the service. 2) Any additional numbers added cannot be refunded.

We provide a variety of secure payment methods to ensure every transaction is safer. EasyRinger accepts all major credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. Moreover, you can also use PayPal to pay for your UK virtual phone number.

You can obtain a virtual number from practically every major country on the planet. The nature of the globalized economy means you need a local presence in many different markets. EasyRinger never restricts you to a limited number of numbers or countries.

Some of the locations you can buy virtual numbers from include:

To learn more about some of the countries you can purchase virtual numbers for, check out our in-depth virtual numbers list now.

EasyRinger regularly adds new countries to the platform so that you can continue to build your international presence.

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No installation required.

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