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A video guide to how EasyRinger works

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Easy to get started

Enjoy communicating with family, friends or customers back home at low prices.


Sign up

You can choose an exclusive local phone number in your home country. No contracts whatsoever. Stay as long as you like; leave whenever you want.


Share your new number

Give your new EasyRinger number to your friends, family or customers. It works just like any local number but reaches you anywhere.


Start communicating

The person calling or messaging you simply uses your local EasyRinger number. They pay their normal rate which is often FREE!

Low rates

Check the rates for a country or even a specific number by using this form. Leave the phone number field blank to check a country's basic rate.
Our phone numbers start at $5.99 per month and vary by country and location. There's a standard $0.03 connection fee per call.


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Great call quality and support

How do I get a number?

When you sign up for EasyRinger, you'll pick a number in the location of your choosing. We have thousands of numbers available for you to choose from. These numbers work just like a local number - except they'll connect directly to you wherever you have phone service. After signing up, you can add as many numbers as you'd like to your subscription.

For what can I use my EasyRinger number?

  • To keep your existing phone number private. Give out your EasyRinger number for things like Craigslist, online purchases, product registrations, and so on.
  • To sign up for a number in a location where you'd like a local presence. Great for offices! No special documentation is required for USA and Canada.
  • To make it a simple local call for friends, family, and customers to reach you anywhere. Use your EasyRinger number wherever you have phone service.
  • To get a dedicated number for a special person or if you're visiting overseas as a group, you can have a number per person in your group.

Can I port an existing number?

If you already have a number that you'd like to continue to use overseas, like a Vonage number that perhaps doesn't work in your country, you may want to port it over to EasyRinger. Click here to learn more.

Excellent call experience

We continue to strive to provide an excellent call experience to our customers. With strict rating criteria, our customers rated us as 'excellent' (the highest) in call clarity and 'good' (the second highest) in latency and dropped calls. We want to thank our customers for this honor, but won't be satisfied until we're consistently rating in 'excellent' across the board.

Devoted support

Our most recent poll also shows that we are devoted to providing the best possible service to our customers. We ranked 'excellent' across all categories: professionalism, response time, knowledge, and ability to resolve problems. We'll do our best to keep it up.

Why choose EasyRinger?


Money Back Guarantee

Unconditional money-back guarantee on all our phone numbers. If you don't like the service, just let us know within 30 days of signup, and we'll refund your monthly fee and any outstanding calling credit in your account.


Works on Any Phone

EasyRinger works with any regular phone, mobile or landline. Your contacts don't need to dial any confusing codes or numbers to reach you. It's just like a local number.


Great Quality and Prices

Our monthly fees for numbers start at $4.99. After signing up with a standard number, you can assign additional numbers to your subscription. Discounts available. Check our FAQ for detailed information on rates around the world.


No hidden fees, no contracts

With EasyRinger, there are no contracts. We'll never force you to stay longer than you want. Stay as long as you like, leave whenever you want.

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